Chaja, a Jewish girl, sees her family slaughtered by crusaders. She manages
to escape to the French-controlled city of Tripoli, where she spends the next few years disguised as a Christian in a convent. Condemned to a life she does not want, her desire to kill the man who destroyed her life grows.

Chaja immediately accepts the Mother Superior’s offer to marry Martin, the
son of a nobleman. She plans to escape during the wedding celebrations to gain her freedom and track down her enemy. When she comes face to face with Martin at the altar, she recognises him as the murderer of her family. She quickly decides to kill him on the wedding night.

This is a story about hatred and prejudice, where cultures and religions collide. It is also about love, forgiveness and mercy.

„Man oh man, that was exciting & really good. The book reads smoothly, and is full of beautiful phrases & a choice of words appropriateto the time period“.

„Historical problems, spiritual distortions and views are brought to life from that distant time into our present. Definitely a book with substance!“

„I found the writing style and historical interpretation to be very good. You could really feel the inner struggles of the times.“